MacArthur's Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

  • All students can learn.
  • Education is focused on college and career readiness.
  • Teachers and students are life-long learners.
  • Students are taught to think.
  • Students are taught positive character traits.

All Students Can Learn

At MacArthur, we believe that all students can learn.  Students come to school with different interests, gifts, and skill levels.  By employing an engaging curriculum that adapts to the needs of each individual student, we can help each student grow.  The curriculum not only focuses on specific academic skills but also promotes student's self-advocacy in their own learning.

Education is Focused on College and Career Readiness

We believe that education should lay the necessary foundation for all students' future success.  While it is impossible to predict the jobs of tomorrow or the direction each student will take, we recognize that there are certain skills and lessons every student must have to be ready to take the next step.  However, we do know that most future careers will require post-high school education whether it is college, on the job training, or an apprenticeship.  MacArthur seeks to ensure that students have the knowledge necessary to be prepared for these endeavors.  As an elementary school, the skills we teach provide the foundation for future learning and success.

Teachers and Students are Life-Long Learners

At MacArthur, we believe that learning is not limited to the classroom and it transcends the school day.  Our mission is to instill not only a love of learning but also to teach students how to learn.  Learning can be a challenging process full of successes, obstacles, and setbacks.  The best way to understand this is through authentic learning experiences.  In part, this means embracing academic struggle as it is a critical and necessary step in the learning process.  Much like weightlifters improve their strength by pushing their limits, learners excel by stepping outside their comfort zone.

Students do not walk this path alone.   MacArthur expects the same from its teachers as its students.  MacArthur teachers participate in various professional development opportunities to ensure we are providing students the best learning environment.  

Students are Taught How to Think

At MacArthur, we believe it is of the utmost importance to teach students how to think and use information rather than simply teaching rote facts.  We want to keep pace with the discovery of information and progress in the global economy.  We want students to develop metacognitive practice, which means that students will be able to thoughtfully examine their own thinking.  Being aware of your own thinking provides the basis for greater introspection, self-reflection, and awareness of factors influencing decisions.  Embedded in content curriculum, we teach students how to gather, evaluate, and apply information in new and interesting situations.  We also encourage students to actively question teachers, peers, and themselves.  Asking quality questions is a crucial element in developing critical thinking.

Students are Taught Positive Character Traits

At MacArthur, we believe education thrives when the participants practice the fundamentals of quality character.  Teachers and students understand the dimensions of character and seek to practice it each and every day.  Respect, integrity, responsibility, trustworthiness, and citizenship are all emphasized both in and out of school.   Of course, these ideas are incredibly abstract, so we approach them like any other curricular arena.  Complex ideas must be broken down into understandable pieces, universally practiced, and their implementation regularly evaluated by both self and others.  By doing so, we teach students how to authentically collaborate and become active participants in the character culture at MacArthur.