Mrs. Angie L. Fedora

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Email: Click Here
Phone: 480-472-7767

Room C-2

Lunch at 11:55 - 12:35



Years Teaching: 7

College Degree: Dual Certification BA Special Education/ Elementary Education

College or University: Arizona State University

Grades taught: Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade.

Hometown – Originally from Colorado, but grew up in Mesa, AZ

Hobbies – I love NFL! Go Broncos!


Educational beliefs-

 Teaching is a commitment I take very seriously.  I recognize that each of my students has his or her own way of learning and as the teacher, it is important for me to determine these styles and help all of my students achieve to the best of their ability.  Throughout the school year, I will not only be helping my students learn, but learn how to learn.  I also believe in learning from my students as they do from me.  Learning is a lifelong process. 

I became a teacher because I love kids, I value my education and I wanted to make a difference- like my teachers did for me.

 I will set high, but clear and appropriate expectations for all my students and will assist them in using their knowledge and abilities to meet those expectations.  As I expect respect, cooperation, participation, and honesty from my students, they should expect the same from me.  I believe my enthusiasm and dedication I have for my profession sets an example for my students.