Welcome to Mrs. Rudolph's Kindergarten!

Kindergarten Learning Objectives

November 13- November 1, 2017


  • I can recognize, name and write the vowel Oo.
  • I can hear and identify the initial sound of a word.
  • I can retell a familiar story. (The First Thanksgiving)
  • I can read the sight words wha, do , you, see.
  • I can read and write the number 13.
  • I can draw a picture to show my math thinking.
Social Studies
  • I can be responsible, safe and respectful in my classroom and our school.
  • I can tell you one way I am  a responsible student.
  • I can tell you at least one way I make sure I keep others and myself safe at school.
  • I can tell you at least one way I show respect at school.