Welcome to Mrs. Rudolph's Kindergarten!

Kindergarten Learning Objectives

 February 5- February 9, 2018


  • I can read it and to words.
  • I can segment all sounds in a word.
  • I can use sight words in my writing.
  • I can read the sight words up, down, in, big, jump, my, friend
  • I can read and write the numbers 1-20.
  • I can measure objects by weight and capacity.
  • I can identify objects by length from shortest to longest.
Social Studies
  • I can be responsible, safe and respectful in my classroom and our school.
  • I can tell you what it means to be kind.
  • I can tell you at least one way I have been kind to my classmates and teacher.
  • I can tell you at least one way I show respect at school.