Mrs. Gwen Lenz
Fifth Grade, Room F 3

Welcome to Fifth Grade!!! I am so excited to be apart of the MacArthur family.  I spent the last 15 years at Porter Elementary, and one year at Wilson. I  attended The University of Toledo in Ohio.  I am married with two beautiful children, Eric who is 24, and Emily who is 20. My husband and I will be celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary on August 15.  To celebrate we went on an Alaskan cruise in July.

I am really looking forward to a fantastic school year.  We will learn multiple strategies to accomplish tasks.  Your child will be bringing home a binder daily.  The binder will hold their agenda, math, reading, and writing journals.  Their agenda needs to be signed on a daily basis after your child shows you their homework.  A highlight in their agenda indicates that a homework assignment was not completed.  Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday, occasionally on weekends.

We have some great activities planned this year: Economic Bazaar, yard sale, flight center, and science camp in Payson.  These activities can't be accomplished without the great parent support that you provide-so thank you. In room F3 we treat each other with respect and work cooperatively to accomplish our goals.

I am always looking for volunteers in the classroom, please feel free to contact me at any time.  Thanks for everything you do for your child!

Gwen Lenz


2017-2018 Curriculum Night

MacArthur Curriculum (PIE) Night


Parents Only Please

Come and learn more about your child’s curriculum!!


(K-6th) Tuesday August 29th. 


Our PTO will have slices of Pie available in the multi-purpose room from 5:45-6:45 PM.


3 Sessions, pick your session(s). Information at each 15 minute session will be identical.

Session 1 = 5:30-5:45

Session 2 = 5:50-6:05

Session 3 = 6:10-6:25


K-6th grade presentations:

Kinder = In their own rooms

1st grade = As a grade level in room B1

2nd grade = In their own rooms

3rd grade = In their own rooms

4th grade = In their own rooms

5th grade = As a grade level in room F4

6th grade = As a grade level in room F2



We look forward to seeing you.



Outstanding Teacher Award
Outstanding Teacher Award

Oriental Masonic Lodge

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