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Dear parents and students,
I am very excited to be joining the MacArthur community! I am in my
third year of teaching. My last two years were at Sunset Hills in Surprise, AZ
teaching 6th grade. Before this, I student taught in 5th and 1st grade classrooms. 
Let me tell you a little about myself. I am originally from California, and
attended SDSU (Go Aztecs!). I come from a teaching family. My father retired
recently after 33 years and my mother subbed while I was a little one. I have a
passion for sports and the arts. I am either coaching after school or working on my
most recent D.I.Y project. I have always had a passion for working with young ones
and will bring that passion into the classroom this year. You will find out very soon
that I am a Harry Potter reader. I have themed my classroom with “Let’s make
learning Magical!” this year. Anything to get my students excited about learning.
Our adventure this year continues from the early exploration through the
Revolutionary War to meeting amazing people throughout history. The Adventure
doesn’t stop there! We will also study various Science units such as Space and
Flight, the human body, and Mystery Powders. We plan on making this hands-on,
problem solving and critical thinking adventure even more special, so we have the
opportunity to visit the Lowell Flight Center to participate in some integrated
I often get inquiries about what the students need to bring that will assist
in learning. The Mesa School District provides the standard supplies for each
student; however, many students prefer to supplement or substitute with their
own preferences. I would like to recommend the following list of optional materials:
Students' Supplies                                    Classroom Supplies
*pencils                                         * red & black pens 
*pencil box  * tissues
*expo markers (black)                                     *scissors    
*colored pencils, markers, or crayons              *sanitizing wipes
*white glue or glue stick                                 * hand sanitizer
*(1) - 2” or 3” white binder                                                     
*2 spiral notebooks

Meet the teacher will be August 7th from 4-6pm. The first day of school will
be August 9th starting at 8:25. School hours are 8:25-2:55 (M-T- TH-F) and 8:25-
1:55 (W). If you should have any questions or want to leave a message for me, I can
be reached at 472-7778. You can also reach the school office at 472-7800.
Let’s make learning magical this year!

-Jennifer Malloy

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