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MacArthur Parents,

I would like to say how honored I am for the privilege to serve as Principal at MacArthur Elementary School. At MacArthur, we are committed to relationships - with our dedicated staff, the families and community we serve and the children we are privileged to reach and teach every day. Trusting relationships are essential for our work together, and will empower us to accomplish great things on behalf of the children who learn and grow every day at MacArthur. MacArthur is a people-centered school, and thus, our staff is our greatest resource. We have a highly qualified and motivated team who live our vision on a daily basis. We also have tremendous community pride and are fortunate to have community members who devote hundreds of hours for our school. What lies within all of us is a common bond - an interest in giving every child the chance to lead a happy, rewarding, and successful life. Whether you're a long-time MacArthur resident, a new resident to MacArthur, a current staff member, or parent volunteer, I hope you can see that we are passionate about the success of all students who attend this great school. This is what makes MacArthur Elementary School and our community a great place to live, work, learn, and play. Thank you for entrusting us to teach your child.

Mark Norris, Principal