Welcome to Mrs. Marlow's Fifth Grade
Room: F4

Learning Objectives

English Language Arts: 

  • I can determine the text structure/format of a text by looking for clue words.
  • I can use context clues to determine the meaning of words.
  • I can draw conclusions based on the authors words and my previous knowledge.


  • I can convert in the Metric system by using my knowledge of the Base Ten system.
  • I can move digits places to the left when multiplying by powers of ten.
  • I can move digits to the right when dividing by powers of ten.
  • I can compare, order, and round decimals to the thousandths

Social Studies:

  • I can study the dwellings and artifacts of early North American tribes specific to their region.


  • I can use the scientific process to discover the origin of a mystery object.



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