Welcome to Mrs. Harvey's Kindergarten!
Room: A1

Welcome to Mrs. Harvey's Class!

Learning Objectives for January 29-February 2, 2018


English Language Arts


  • ·         I can hear, read and write with the word families ip, ig.
  • ·         I can manipulate the beginning sound of a word and make a new word.
  •           I can read with the sight words can, you, look, up, is.
  •           I can recognize the punctuation marks ., !, ?.




  • I can measure length and height.
  • I can count 100 by 10's and 1's.

Science/Social Studies
  • I can tell you about the Arctic and the Antarctic and the animals that live there.


I   .










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It is already February!
Dear A1 Families, I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by!  Today in your child's BEE book, they should have a bright pink paper that explains valentine delivery in our classroom.  On Wednesday, February 14, we will be having a little Valentine's celebration in our classroom from 9-10:15.  I have created a signup genius for it.  You can access it here:  ...
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One more week!
Hello A1 Families, Next week we will not have nightly homework in the B.E.E. Book.  It's an early present to you and your kiddos!   Please try to remember to send a snack with your child.  I had 10 kids that did not have snack today!  I know it is a busy time of year for everyone. Have a great weekend!
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