School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC)


Goals and Purpose of the School Improvement Advisory Council

 The goals of the Madison Elementary School site-based advisory board known as the School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC) are:

  • to promote increased student achievement
  • to promote the active involvement of the whole school community (parents, families, community members, and school staff) so that all parties assume their responsibilities in the education of children

The purpose of the School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC) is to advise the principal on school policies and programs involving school effectiveness.

 Role of the School Improvement Advisory Council

 The School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC) advises the principal on the planning, implementation, and assessment of the school’s programs.  It provides the opportunity for parents, teachers, and administrative staff to work together in increasing student achievement.  The SIAC will encompass but will not be limited to ongoing review of school-wide policies and practices including:

  • assessing the needs of the school and community and recommending appropriate action
  • encouraging communications between home and school
  • supporting school efforts in providing Madison students with the best possible education

 The SIAC provides a forum for well-informed decision making.  The principal retains final authority in providing a form for open discussions except those that he/she indicated to be excluded because of Mesa Public School District, state or federal policy, or due to legal, confidential, or ethical reasons.  The principal is ultimately responsible to the Mesa Public Schools, the Board of Education, and the Arizona Department of Education.  This responsibility cannot be delegated.