Madison is a Title I School


Title I

Title I is a program that is funded through a grant from the federal government.  This grant provides supplementary services for all of our student.  It is designed to provide additional instructional assistance and materials for students who need the services.   Students at Madison benefit from instructional assistants who work with the teachers and students at all grade levels.  Students receive individual and small group instruction in reading, math, and language arts skills. We are pleased to have these funds available to us so that we can provide additional, high quality instruction for all our children. Madison School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP) is reviewed quarterly throughout the the year to ensure programming is effective. Annually, schools are to conduct a needs assessment in August to revise the SCIP plan for the upcoming school year. School Report Card

Parental Involvement Policy

Madison Elementary is committed to its students.  We believe a partnership between the school and home is essential to the success of a child.  The Parental Involvement Policy was developed by parents and staff to demonstrate how we can work together to ensure student success.


For more information about Title I programs, please contact our Title 1 Specialist, Lynette Mahon, at 480.472.8840, or email her at: Email