The G.U.S. (Growing Up Successfully) classes are part of Mesa Public School District’s regular education alternative program. It is NOT part of special education. It is designed for students who exhibit severe behavior and social difficulties in their relationships with students and staff. Typical qualifying behaviors include combinations of defiance, tantrums, stubborn manipulativeness, poor self-control, off-task work habits, poor social interactions with peers, and a persistence that defies remedy with the usual modifications available at the home school site. The intensity and/or duration of their negative behavior patterns have prevented them from responding adequately to traditional remedies and learning has therefore been seriously disrupted for them. Many of these students have been diagnosed with conduct, attention and/or hyperactivity disorders.

The goal of the G.U.S. (Growing Up Successfully) program is to assist students in developing social competence and positive behavior skills essential to their success in a school setting. It is a self-contained program providing opportunities for mainstreaming to general education environment as the student's behavior improves.

There are currently 18 classrooms located at 6 sites in the district. The class size is limited to 15 or less students. Each classroom has a certified teacher and an instructional assistant who stress behavior management skills and academic growth.