How to earn Fun Friday and Field Trips

The G.U.S. Program often participates in a Fun Friday to reinforce good decision making by the students. Fun Friday takes place after lunch most Fridays; this time may include a treat/snack, a movie, kickball, etc.

G.U.S. classrooms also go on field trips as a reinforcer. Field trips occur at various times throughout the year.

Fun Fridays and Field Trips are a privilege and are reserved for students making good decisions. To earn Fun Fridays students should be getting their class work done on time. They should be showing effort in their progress. They should be abiding by the school, class, and bus rules. They should be displaying good citizenship. Good citizenship means:





Students who choose not to show the qualities above and instead make poor choices will lose privileges during the period of time that they are making poor choices. Any student who earns more than 1 B day or a discipline write up during the week of a Fun Friday or a Field Trip looses the privilege of participating in that Fun Friday or Field Trip.