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Welcome to the Health Office!

Mendoza Elementary School Nurse and Health Assistant staff our
nurseHealth Office during school hours. We are available to assist students with illness and injury related problems. In addition to these primary services, we conduct health screenings, assist students and families with referrals for medical services, follow-up, and act as a health education resource person for students and staff. The goal of Health Services is to remove barriers to the health and safety of students, enabling them to achieve their academic goals at school.


You will be notified if your child becomes ill enough to be removed from school, sustains more than a minor injury, or has an emergency. It is the parent's responsibility to make arrangements to pick up an ill or injured child as promptly as possible. We suggest that you have someone listed on your Emergency Data Sheet in case you are not available or cannot leave work.


med symbolIt is imperative that you notify the nurse if your child has a medical condition such as diabetes, seizure disorder, asthma, heart disease, allergies, (environmental and food), a physical or mental disability, etc. This will help all the school staff better serve your child. This information should be placed on the emergency section of the data sheet also. This is used to contact a child's parent in case of illness or injury so they must be returned immediately.

Children are not permitted to walk home when ill or injured per district policy.



Any prescription medications need to have a doctors order and be kept in the health office. Any over the counter medications HAVE to have a parent consent, be sent in the original container, and be kept in the health office. Inhalers may be carried by the student IF a parent consent has been signed and the health office knows about it. PLEASE HELP US KEEP OUR STUDENTS SAFE AND FOLLOW THESE POLICIES!

For further information on our medication policies, please click on these links below to read about the medication policy for MPS. 



Immunizations Requirements

The link below tells what immunizations are required and what clinics are available in the area if needed.






Head Lice

Head lice can be very upsetting and frustrating for parents, children, and teachers, but it is a very treatable problem. Please check out the links below on how to keep these pesky things from spreading.