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Janea Waite - Title 1 Specialist
Mrs. Pulizzano - Title Clerk
Mrs. Espy - Instructional Assistant
Mrs. LoDestro - Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Miller - Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Schober - Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Young - Instructional Assistant


Title I Staff


Welcome to Title Programs. Title I is named for the chapter of federal law that established these programs. Its intent is to focus on educationally-deprived students, so they can improve their basic and advanced skills, succeed in the regular classroom, and reach grade-level proficiency.

Title I programs serve students from pre-school through junior high. Parental involvement is critical. The programs are site-based and goals are set at each school every year. These School Improvement Plans provide guidance for both curriculum and direction.

It is our goal to bring the resources of the home and school together to help our students achieve. The pages on this website (found through the link below) are one tool in achieving that goal and include suggestions for parental involvement, answers to frequently asked questions, and contact information for the various school sites

Title 1 in Mesa Public Schools