Mesa Public Schools will begin the school year on August 4 with enhanced, structured remote learning for all students. | Las Escuelas Públicas de Mesa comenzarán el año escolar el 4 de agosto con un aprendizaje remoto estructurado y mejorado para todos los estudiantes. Learn more | Aprenda más

Mendoza STEM

Mendoza Elementary is happy to announce our participation in the AZ STEM School Community of Practice!  As a STEM School of Practice, Mendoza staff will be attending conferences throughout the year, to learn alongside experts in the field across the state of Arizona, to integrate effective and interactive STEM education into our classroom curriculum.  Please read about STEM in MPS schools by clicking here and about the AZ STEM Community of Practice below.


A big congratulations to Mendoza and Sirrine Elementaries and Red Mountain and Westwood High Schools for their selection to participate in this unique STEM opportunity! Arizona SciTech, the states leading innovator and proponent of STEM education, announced the launch of a joint initiate between hi-tech businesses, community members, educators, students, and parents to create the first ever AZ STEM School Community of Practice. The Selection Committee chose fifty-seven Arizona schools to participate. We are excited to have three school site teams representing Mesa Public Schools in this collaboration!

Congratulations to our Mendoza’s Chief Science Officers who will be student leaders in Mendoza’s STEM initiative.

The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids

4 pictures, of scientists and calculationsSTEM Guide for Kids: So many resources it will make your STEM head spin! Careers, awards, challenges, contests, websites, games/apps, STEM Camps, grants, Just for Girls websites, and much more.


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