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We feel field trips are such an important part of the kindergarten experience. However, we cannot provide field trips without the help of our parents and community. Contrary to popular belief, Mesa Public Schools does not provide us with a budget to go on a field trip. They do not pay for the bus, bus driver or the entrance fee to the destination. Parent, family and friends' donations make field trips possible. 

Between paying the bus driver, the gas mileage and the entrance fees to the destination, field trips for a grade level of students cost between $600 and $1300 depending on the destination.  At this point in the school year, we do not have any funds to cover a field trip. If we do not raise enough funds, we cannot go on a field trip and will use any donated funds to try to provide another extracurricular opportunity for the students.The only way to fund any of this is through donations. At the bottom of this page,  you will find the cost of several (but not all) of our options. With your donations, we hope to be able to afford to go on two of these trips.  These field trips are directly related to the Science STEM lessons we do in class. 

How do you donate? Well, that's easy!

We are not able to accept cash and checks you send in to the classroom, however Mesa Public Schools and the state of Arizona have made it easy for you to donate. It is called an ECA (Extracurricular Activity) state tax credit. That means that you have the opportunity to get 100% of your donation back on your 2017 AZ State Taxes. Your ECA contribution can make this an amazing experience for your child and the rest of the Kindergarten.

Not sure what the ECA tax credit is all about? Mesa Public Schools has provided more information as well as a convenient place to make an online donation on their page. Just click here. Something that we feel is not made clear to parents is that you can donate any amount up to $200 for an individual or $400 if filing jointly. That means that you can donate as little at $1 up to the maximum for your AZ State Tax filing situation. If you choose to donate to our ECA fund, please make sure to indicate Mendoza Kindergarten ECA account in the school and activity sections. Do Not choose Mendoza Field Trip. It must indicate Kindergarten. 

If you choose to make a donation, click here and it will take you to the donation page or see the Mendoza front office for a mail-in donation card. Thank you for considering placing an ECA donation towards our Kindergarten field trips.

                                                            Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Balk, Ms. Cantarella and Mrs. Stork


  • Ventuccio Pizza Farm     $804 ($12.36 per student)
  • Tolmachoff Farm             $1060.75 ($16.31 per student)
  • Schneph Farm                 $665.45 ($10.24 per student)
  • OdySea Aquarium           $1269.75 ($19.54 per student)
  • Legoland, AZ                   $904.75 ($13.92 per student)
  • Children's Museum of Phoenix   $554.75 ($8.54 per student)

* All costs are an estimate based on current admission prices, bus fees, bus driver hourly rates and current number of students enrolled in Mendoza's kindergarten.