Want to Help?

Getting involved in your child's education is one of the best ways to ensure a successful and exciting elementary experience. At Mendoza, we love having our parents involved and there are so many opportunities no matter what your situation. Below you will find great ways to get involved. 

Mendoza PTO

Mendoza's PTO is a great place for parents to become involved in the school and meet other Mendoza families. I encourage you to visit their web page to learn more about this organization. Even if you can't make it to meetings you can still be a part of this great organization. There are so many ways to be a huge help at our exciting PTO functions.  Click Here 

Classroom Volunteers   

  • Learning Stations  The children and I love having parents come in and run learning stations. Once the children are settled and we begin learning how to work productively in learning stations, I will ask for parent volunteers through our classroom newsletter. It usually takes about a month for this to get up and running. I will ask for parents to commit to one hour, one day a week. 
  • Special Events  The school year is full of special holidays and events. Watch the weekly newsletter for opportunities to come in and help during these celebrations. 
  • Art Projects  We will be working on many art projects this year and some of them require a few extra adults. Watch the weekly newsletter for opportunities to come in and help during these art projects. 
  • Guest Speakers   Do you have a community helper job or special talent that you would be willing to share with the children? For example, are you a policeman, baker or a dentist. The list could go on and on. If you have a job or a talent that may be interesting to Kindergarten students, please send me an email so we can set something up during a time of the year we will be studying something related. 
  • Supplies for Projects   I am always looking for ways to make learning hands on and fun. Unfortunately, that often takes supplies for fun learning projects that I can't use my school supply budget for. Watch the weekly newsletter for donations needed. 
  • Prep Work from Home  Occasionally, I may need some help cutting or organizing baggies of manipulatives for our lessons.  If this is something that you may want to help with, send me an email. I will put you on my list of parents to ask when I have a job like this that needs to be done. If I ask and you are busy and it would be a burden, please do not feel bad telling me that you can't help at that time. I understand that we all get busy. I will have plenty of helpers on this list and will be able to call on someone else. I will ask you again at another time. 
  • Prep Work at School   Making copies for the upcoming lessons and stations is a great way to help out. If you would be available to make copies for the week, let me know and I will set aside some time to train you on the copy machine. 


I know, I know! Parents have mixed feeling about fundraisers. However, we do have a few that are so easy and you are probably doing these things already. I urge you to check out Mendoza PTO's fundraising link by clicking here. My personal favorite is Amazon Smiles. Most of us shop on Amazon at one point or another during the year. This uses your existing Amazon account. The only difference is that you start from https://smile.amazon.com/ instead of amazon.com. It is that simple. Once you are signed in, choose Mendoza Elementary as the charity you would like to help and the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to our Mendoza PTO. You never have to give it another thought. So easy! Don't forget to check out the link for other simple ways to help like linking your Fry's card or sending in Box Tops.