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Your child will receive two types of homework during the week.  They are described below.  Please follow the homework schedule carefully and return the items when they are due.  They are checked and recorded as complete by a teacher.

Monday through Thursday Homework

Your child will receive a red folder with their M – TH reading homework.  Each evening there will be an activity to complete.  In the beginning your child will work on writing his or her name correctly as well as have someone read a story to them.  As the year progresses additional activities will be added that will correspond to our DIBELS testing that occurs three times a year – in August, December and May.  As your child completes each activity, a parent should initial the activity.  Red folders are due back at school every Friday so they may be checked by a teacher and recorded as complete.  Your child will then receive their red folder again on the following Monday.

Friday through Sunday Homework

Every Friday, your child will have a math packet inside their “Kindergarten” folder.  These activities will be a review/reinforcement of our math learning during the week.  You will see the language and strategies we use in class during math time and it is a great opportunity for parents to use the same language and strategies at home.  As your child completes their math homework, please check for accuracy.

The math packet should be completed throughout the weekend and returned in your child’s “Kindergarten” folder to be checked as complete by a teacher.

Homework should take no longer than 5 – 10 minutes per evening.