Mendoza Elementary School

Mrs. Balk's Kindergarten - Room 9

In-Person Learning: 

All school supplies need to be labeled with your child's name. Please label your child's school supplies at home before the first day of school. Below you will find a list of supplies that we will use in our classroom. These supplies will stay in your child's desk at school, but water bottles will be sent home daily. 

Classroom supply update (9-13-2020): I have enough NEW pencils, NEW boxes of Crayola crayons, and NEW glue sticks for each child! If you have already purchased these items, please keep them at home for remote learning days. 

·        Pencil Box (hard plastic, NOT a pencil pouch)

·        10 pack of Crayola Classic Colors markers (Broad line or skinny line) 

·        Child-sized scissors                 

·        20 small, uniform items for math activities - in snack-sized Ziploc baggie (ex: small blocks like Legos, small toys, or mini erasers. These items will go home when we are finished with our counting activities.)

* 1 or 2 extra face mask coverings (to keep in backpack). Please store the extra masks in a Ziploc bag.

* Backpack - no wheels, please

 *Reusable water bottle to be kept at your child's desk (labeled with his/her name). This bottle can be refilled in our classroom as needed. 

 *Full set of spare clothing (ex: shirt, shorts, underwear, and socks). Please place in a Ziploc bag, labeled with your child's first and last name. This set will stay in your child's backpack at all times.

*If your child has not learned how to tie his/her shoes, Velcro or slip on shoes are strongly encouraged.

In-Person Learning Wish List: 

Any donations of these items would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for supporting your child's education!

·        Disinfectant cleaning wipes

·        Crayola watercolor paint (8 count)

 Individual Play-Doh Containers (any color)

 White printing paper

 White construction paper

    White index paper

 Astrobrights colored printer paper (any variety) 

 Ziploc baggies (gallon)

 Scented/unscented Dot Markers

 Scotch brand Thermal Laminating Pouches (8.5"x11")

* Snack items for community snack (each class will have 8-10 kids Mon/Thur and Tues/Fri)