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Flexible Seating

Hello all my wonderful parents! I am excited to announce that my classroom has a flexible seating environment. Flexible seating allows students to have a variety of options when choosing where they would like to sit. Traditionally, students are told to sit at a desk and chair as they learn. They lean back, wiggle, and are constantly finding reasons to get up. With flexible seating, the responsibility falls back on them. They get to make the responsible choice of where to sit in order to maximize their learning experience. After all, who wants to sit in a hard chair all day long!

There are all kinds of levels when it comes to flexible seating. In our classroom, I am not implementing it 100%. Students still start the day off at a table and it will act as their "home base." However, throughout the day, they can choose a space of their own that fits their needs. The whole idea is to have them feel comfortable and engaged. In order to make this happen, a lot of the responsibility falls on the students. They must accept the challenge to prove that they can select a spot that will help them stay focused. How can a 7 year old do that, right?! But it is possible and once they practice, practice, practice, it's a beautiful thing to see!

Here are some of my seat options,

lap desk

lawn chair


yoga mat

crate seats




wobble seats

wiggle seats

regular desk and chair

I am hoping to add more throughout the year!

During our first few weeks of school, you may hear your child talk a lot about our classroom. It is important for all of us to be on the same page. Therefore, I will be having both students and parents signing a contract that shows we will all obey by the rules while using any of the seating options. My only four rules are,

1. Pick a spot that will help you learn.

2. Make SMART choices in your spot.

3. Work neatly and appropriate noise level

4. Always do your best learning or Mrs.Hunter-Patt will move you!

Here are some helpful links to learn more about flexible seating.

A wonderful teacher by the name of Angie Olsen, has a great article about flexible seating. Be sure to check out her blog if you would like to learn more about the benefits of flexible seating and how it works in the classroom!

We are going to have such a great year!

Thank you and please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.