Welcome to Mesa High Link Crew


“Students Helping Students Succeed”

Coordinators: Maria Corte, mecorte@mpsaz.org

and Jim Brown, jabrown2@mpsaz.org

Course Description:
The purpose of the Link Crew class is to tap the potential and maximize the benefits of the existent Link Crew program. These benefits include increased sense of community, improved climate and successful transition of new students. The focus is on freshmen and new students’ success which gives it a specific, therefore plausible and measurable goal. It is proactive instead of reactive to challenges that students face. Membership is broad-based instead of limited to a specific group or type of student. Link Crew serves as a resource for administration, counseling and faculty to use in support of students.

Outline of Activities and Assignments:
There are seven (7) units of study in the Link Crew curriculum: Teambuilding/Climate building, Organization, Leadership, Communication, Academic Follow Ups, Personal Development, & Personality Profiling & Learning Styles. The first semester of the class is wholly freshmen oriented, whereas the second semester begins to shift from a freshmen focus to a more school and community wide service.

In-Class Participation:

Students will receive a weekly grade for in-class participation. This includes arriving to class on time, staying until the bell rings, answering questions, sharing writing samples, participating in discussion, staying on task, and completing work on time.

  • Class Structure:
    The class will be divided into four teams: Academic, Social, Freshmen Focus, Leader Development. Each team will elect a leader and these students will become the board of the class. Each team will have specific responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Academic=Planning & implementing academic follow ups, staff recognition/support & communication, test prep, study sessions, tutoring.

  • Social=Howdy Hop, lunch assemblies, tailgates, homecoming float, and movie nights.

  • Freshmen Focus=Freshmen check ins, new student transition, FIP, parent communication/newsletter publication, link alerts/applause.

  • Leader development=leader meetings & team building activities, birthdays, food Fridays, fundraising, community service.

Recommended Materials:
- A composition notebook to be used for Journal Entries.
- A loose-leaf notebook/folder that contains plenty of paper, highlighters, pens and pencils.

Grades will be based on cumulative grades for all assignments completed as well as participation points. The number of points possible for each assignment will be determined by the length and difficulty of the work. At the end of each quarter, the total of the possible points will be converted to the following percentage scale for a grade (with the semester grades being the combined points/percentages of two quarters):
90-100 ………. A 70-79 ………. C 59 and below ……… F
80-89 …………B 60-69 ………. D

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