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Kate Hatch 2019 Volleyball Region Player of the Year

Fall sports

Head Coach: Katie Fonseca,

Cross Country
Boys Coach: Angel Torres,                               

Girls Coach: Joe Haver, 

Head Coach: Chad DeGrenier,
Strength and Conditioning Coach: James Trischan,

Golf - Boys
Coach: Darris Schomaker,

Golf - Girls
Coach: Amber Barrus,

Swim & Dive
Head Coach: Mike Haney,

Volleyball - Girls
Coach: Vee Hiapo,

Region Player of the Year Mackenzie Shivers

Winter sports

Basketball - Boys
Head Coach: Scott Stansberry,

Basketball - Girls
Head Coach: Katie Fonseca,

Soccer - Boys
Head Coach: TJ Hagen,

Soccer - Girls
Head Coach: Joe Haver

Head Coach: David DiDomenico,

Region Player of the Year: Tony Perez

Spring sports

Head Coach: Ray Figueroa,

Head Coach: Kiley Eskridge,

Tennis - Boys
Head Coach: Glenn Meier,

Tennis - Girls
Head Coach: Darris Schomaker,

Track & Field - Boys
Head Coach: David Brockmeier,

Track & Field - Girls
Head Coach: Chad DeGrenier

Volleyball - Boys
Head Coach: Vee Hiapo

Sand Volleyball-Girls


Jay Schnittger
Athletic Director

Angie Davidson
Athletics Secretary

Felice Butler
Athletic Trainer

Jeff Kavosick
Equipment Manager

Athletic information

All students who wish to participate in interscholastic athletic programs at Mesa High must have successfully completed physical packet on file in the athletic office at Mesa High before they can begin to practice or before they can check out equipment.  The physical must be conducted by a M.D. (doctor of medicine), D.O. (osteopathic physician), N.P. (certified registered nurse practitioner), or PA-C (certified physicians assistant registered by the Joint Board of Examiners in Medicine and Surgery).  The required physical packet may be obtained in the athletic office. If you have any questions regarding physicals contact the athletic secretary, at 480-472-5907.  

Athletic department philosophy/goals

The coaching staff at Mesa High School has dedicated itself to the development of the total student athlete.  Both the physical and psychological growth of each person is conscientiously considered when planning and implementing our athletic program.

Our professional staff is aware of the individual needs of youth as well as the social implications of being able to work as a member of a team.  Students will be given the opportunity to improve their athletic skills and to develop as well-rounded individuals.  

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