Explanation of Grades

Course Grades
All courses taught for credit receive a letter or a pass/fail grade.  Final examinations may not count for more than  20 percent of the final grades.  Grade point values and the percentages used to determine each grade are listed below:

Percentage Letter                Grade Grade Point Value
90-100=         A          Superior 4.0
80-89= B Above Average 3.0
70-79 = C Average 2.0
60-69 = D Below Average 1.0
   D- Minimum Progress (teacher discretion) .5
0-59 = F Failure 0.0

P = Pass (reserved for designated pass/fail courses)
I =   Incomplete (maximum length of time to make up a course is one semester) if not completed, the incomplete turns to F.
U = Audit (student may only use this option if it has been approved by the teacher and an administrator during the first 20 school days of the semester.)
W = Withdraw
W/P = Withdraw with a passing grade (not calculated in GPA)
W/F = Withdraw with a filing grade (calculated as an F)
NC = No credit (student did not meet course attendance requirement).  If the student would have received an F, then the F is given and calculated into the student's GPA.
With the exception of the D-, no plus or minus notations are used on the report card.

Pass/Fail and Audit Designations
A pass/fail grade is awarded to limited district-designated classes.  Students may not apply for a pass/fail option.

A student may request to audit a class in order to preview or review the content of a course.  Students are eligible for this option only if the course which they are requesting to audit has previously been taken for credit or the course will be taken again for credit at a later time.  Student requests regarding the audit option are limited to the first 20 days of enrollment in a course.'

All students who audit a course will receive the grade of "U" when the course is completed.  This is the only grade provided for an audited course.  Audit courses shall appear on a students's permanent record.

There is no cost for the course if taken during the school year and only if the student is enrolled in less then 6 courses.  If the student is taking 6 or more courses and request to audit another course, there is a fee involved.  If the course is taken during the summer vacation time, there is a fee charged.

Weighted Course Grades
Certain advanced/accelerated high school courses (9th-12th grades only) taken within the Mesa Public Schools receive weighted grade point values.  Weighted grade point values are possible because of higher expectations and greater rigor required in the work.  The grade point values for these courses are:  A - 5.0, B = 4.0, C = 3.0, D - 2.0, D- = 1.0 and F = 0.  Weighted grades are only granted when the student completes the entire course.  Otherwise, no weighted grade point value is applied.

Grade point average (GPA) for transferring students is computed according to courses earning weighted grades at the receiving MPS school.  This ensures that each student's GPA at any Mesa high school is computed the same way.

Grades When Students Register After the 20th Day of a Semester
The student may have the opportunity to earn credit if miss work is made up to the specifications of the teacher/s.  The Sundown Program or Mesa Distance learning may also be an appropriate option.  Students should check with the Counseling Office for options.

Grades When Students Withdraw from School/Courses
If a student withdraws from school to enter another school, the transcript will reflect the grades earned at the date of withdrawal.  Students requesting to withdraw from a course while remaining enrolled in MPS must receive administrative approval.  Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors are expected to enroll in 6 courses.  Seniors must be enrolled in at least 4 courses per semester and maintain progress toward high school graduation in four years.  Approved withdrawals from courses will be posted on the student's transcript according to the following timeline:

  • Schedule changes within the first 10 days of the semester will not be reflected on the transcript
  • Withdrawals from the 11th day to the end of the quarter in each semester will be posted with a "W".
  • Withdrawals between the quarter of the semester to 20 days prior to the end of the semester will be posted as a "W/P" or "W/F".
  • No withdrawals are permitted within the last 20 days of the semester.

Grades When Students Transfer into a Mesa Public School (9th - 12th grades)
The grades earned in courses from an accredited secondary school will be averaged with the grades earned in the Mesa receiving school.  The grades earned in courses from a non-accredited secondary school will be evaluated by the receiving school's Registration Office to determine grades and transfer credits accepted.

Courses Taken a Second Time
Students requesting to repeat a high school (9th - 12th grades) course for credit should consult with MPS counseling/administration.

Grades Impacted by Attendance
Satisfactory attendance at school is essential to learning, and regular attendance is a key to academic success.  Satisfactory attendance at school is the responsibility of the student and his or her family.

  • A student must attend at least 90 percent of class sessions to earn credit.  Failure to meet this standard may lead to withholding of credit.
  • Cases involving prolonged illness or unusual circumstances will be reviewed by the school administration.
  • Each unexcused absence will result in teacher and/or administrative action.
  • Excessive tardies will result in administrative action.