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Ed Tech Contact Information:

Meghann Urewicz: Thursday

Cherie Stafford: Monday

Nat Alexander: Wednesday & Friday

OIDC (Canvas Coaches) Contact Information:

Briton Tarter (4th - 6th periods)


Michelle Reines (1st - 4th periods)



Tech Tip for All Teachers: One Note

 One Note tool

Many of you have been hearing about a note-taking and personal information management application for collecting, organizing and sharing digital notes called OneNote. Watch a tutorial HERE. Please let Meghann, Cherie, or Nat know if you have any questions.

Tech Tip for Staff: Content Video Tutorials

Hey teachers, just a quick reminder that Kahn Academy is a great resource for Math, but also for Science, Computer Science, and History.  Check out their webpage HERE and see if there is anything that will help you with your class.  English teachers, not to be left out, please check out Web English Teacher.  This is a great resource for ideas in your classroom and to see how others are handling the current ideologies in the English Classroom.  One more that all should look at is TED.ED  This is a great resource for videos that your students would love in the classroom.

Tech Tip for Teachers: Assessment

Are you looking for another method to quickly assess your students grasp of the material? Check out Socrative.  There is a great youTube tutorial found HERE.  Please check it out and let Meghann, Cherie, or Nat know if you would like to start using this in the classroom.

Tech Tip for Teachers: Assessment

Its time to KAHOOT! ... Check out the Kahoot website here.  This is a great tool for that quick assessment you need to do.  Here is a great tutorial video and here is a great video of the program in action.  Please let your Ed Tech team know if you have any questions or need help with setting this program up.  If you are further interested in gamification of your classroom, contact Nat, Cherie, or Meghann and we can work together on creating this atmosphere in your classroom.

Tech tip for Staff: Annotation

Did you know that when you open Word and place your stylus to the screen, the pen tool will pop up on the menu bar for your to use.  This is the annotation tool and is also available in PowerPoint.  With this, you can easily annotate lessons while teaching and using your projector.  For further information please check this tutorial HERE.



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