Mesa Volleyball Club

Welcome to the homepage of the Mesa Volleyball Club!  The coaches are waiting for this 2014 - 2015 season.  It is never too early to start raising money to cover your fees and get registered again on webpoint.  Last year's membership expired on Sept 1st and it must be renewed before attending any open gyms, clinics, tryouts, etc - regardless of where you play.  If you are changing clubs, mark "undecided" for club choice.  Be sure and go back in and choose you club team once try outs are over and you are placed on a team. 

The Arizona Region has set the dates for 2014-2015.  Tryouts may begin Nov 15th for 14 and under and Nov 22 for 15s (high school players) and older.   Open gyms, clinics, evaluation nights and many open houses will happen before tryouts at a number of different clubs.  We will have a few open gyms here at Mesa.  Dont miss out on all the fun!  Play club here or somewhere else - just please keep playing and competing.  Ask questions, visit other clubs, find a good fit for your skill set and position.  Talk with me about concerns, hopes, questions, etc.  

I have Krispy Kreme cards!  You sell them for $15 each, profit of $9/card going directly back to the player.  See Coach Strawn before they are all gone.  It is a BOGO card.  Great gift for anyone!  We will also be hosting a Gold Canyon Candle sale right after tryouts for players to earn money towards their own account.  More details to come.