Ms. Ruth Avilés

Phone: (480) 472-5803


Ms. AvilesWelcome!  ¡Bienvenidos!  Bienvenue! 

ようこそ!  Willkommen!  добро пожаловать! 

I would like to share somethings about myself.

I was born in Mexico City and went to a bilingual school called American School Foundation.  After finishing 6th grade, I moved to Mesa, Arizona.  I studied at Shepherd Junior High and graduated from Mountain View High School in 1997.

In August of 2000, I graduated from Arizona State University with concurred majors in French and Spanish.  Then I taught English for two years through the JET Program in Kochi Prefecture in Japan.  After returning to the United States and finishing three certifications in International Business, Import/Export and Organizational Leadership,  I decided I would like to become a world language teacher and share my passion for languages thus pursuing a Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certificate.

Since 2005, I've been a teacher at Mesa Public Schools.  I taught French and Spanish at Kino Junior High for seven years.  My new home has been Mesa High since 2012.

I also speak Japanese pretty well and a little bit of German and Russian.  Although I have never studied Portuguese and Italian, I can understand them because like Spanish and French, they are also derived from Latin.  

I love traveling and learning about different cultures and their languages.  I have been to The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, and Costa Rica.  

In addition to languages and cultures, I practice a Korean martial art called Tang Soo Do since 1997.  I earned my 3rd degree black belt on October of 2012.  I also practiced Shotokan Karate the two years I lived in Japan.

I also enjoy listening to music in various languages, reading, coloring, hiking, being surrounded by nature, watching movies and watching the World Cup.

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