“My philosophy is to educate students at Mesa High School by teaching them the social sciences supporting the acquisition and retention of knowledge in the fields of both American and World history.”

-Mr. David Brockmeier


Basic requirements:

Students will show up to class prepared and on time!

            Students will be required to provide and keep a History notebook. They must bring this notebook with them, to class every day! Students should also bring a writing implement- pen, pencil, (mechanical pencils are preferred).

            Students should regularly check their portal in order to keep up with the progress of their grade. Grades are updated regularly and are an accumulated total of the student's Semester grade.

Students are required to read aloud and give oral presentations on demand. Any concerns regarding this should be communicated to me-in advance of any incident.

            Homework: Students are generally given time to complete assignments in class but there must be an understanding that sometimes work must be completed at home due to unforeseen occurrences and time restraints. Studying for tests and quizzes is required as homework.

            All work is due, following the day it is assigned, unless specifically directed by the teacher. Any late work that is accepted may have penalties attached, as determined by the teacher. All formal papers are due on their respective due dates and will be penalized by 10% for each day they are late- (the late penalty will not exceed 40% until a final cutoff date is determined by the teacher at which time the student will receive no credit).

           Tests:  Students will review for the test in advance of the testing date. If a student misses the review- they will be given the day they return to review for the test, (to be given the following day). If the test is not made up, the student will not receive credit for that test.



    My classes are easy to pass- but they are also easy to fail. The assignments and other work are intended to reflect the relationship between responsibility and reward that the student will find when he leaves school and enters the adult world.  There is a concerted effort to focus the knowledge and skills acquired in this class so that it has an application to real-world living. A summary of my philosophy as a teacher is, that- I am here to help the student not only gain knowledge and skills, but to instill a perspective and to help them gain wisdom for the intelligent use of those skills and of that knowledge.





About Mr. Brockmeier:


Education:                           Bachelor of Arts, Western New Mexico University, May 1994. High Honors.


Associate of Arts Degree,

Eastern Arizona College,

May 1991


High School Diploma, Thatcher Unified Schools,

May 1983.




Certification:                       Standard Secondary Education 7-12 / Highly Qualified: English & Social Studies



Experience:                         Teacher at:

                                                Morenci Unified School District #18- 

August 1994- May 2007

Mesa Unifies School District

August 2007- Current



Classes Taught:

Senior English                              3 years

Junior English                              16 years                   

Freshman English                         6 years

Weights/Athletic Development    4 years

8th Grade English                          2 years

Sophomore English                      1 year

Creative Writing                           3 years

World History/Geography            1 year

American History                          2 years

Audio & Visual Arts                     1 year

Junior High Science                      1 year



Substitute Teacher, Thatcher High School/

Middle School, Thatcher, AZ. spring 1994



Student Teaching: Thatcher High School,  fall 1993

Ed. Shamey, cooperating teacher



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Coaching Experience:            Football:

Mesa High School:

Varsity Assistant Head Coach:                  2006-2008

Junior Team Head Coach                    

Varsity Running Backs Coach  

Morenci High School:                                               

Varsity Head Coach                                   2002- 2006

Defensive Coordinator:                              1999-2002

Junior Varsity Head Coach:                       1998-2000

Junior Varsity Assistant Coach:                 1994 1998



Mesa High School:

Varsity Assistant- Boys and Girls Distance    2009

Varsity Assistant- Boys and Girls High Jump 2008

Morenci High School

Varsity Assistant, Field Events Coach,        2002

Head Coach,

Girls and Boys Junior High Track:,             2003-2007



Head Coach,

Junior High Wrestling:                           1994-2001 



Coaching Achievements:       Varsity Football- Record (24 wins, 15 losses)

Coach of the Year, (Division 2A-east Conference) 2002 Arizona All-Star Assistant Coach  2002 & 2006  

Division 2-A East, Conference Champions 2002

Division 2-A East, playoff representatives 2002 & 2003


Junior Varsity Football- Undefeated (7-0 in 1994)


Junior High Wrestling:

Conference Champions 

1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002

Junior High Boys Track, Conference Champions:

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003  

Junior High Girls Track, Conference Champions

2003, 2004 



Additional Experience:     College Football, Eastern Arizona College,1990

High School: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling and Track, Thatcher High School- a 3 sport, 3 year letterman, as well as a 3 sport captain (senior year)-Thatcher High School, Thatcher, AZ.1983


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 If you have any questions or concerns-

Please feel free to contact me by phone through the school @ 480-472-5716 or through my e-mail at

The best time to reach me is in the am. 7:15- 8:00.





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