Mr. Darris Schomaker

Phone: 480-308-5653

M- mature

E- ethical

S- safe

E- accountable

(Office hours- Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:30-8:15)

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     My teaching career started Mr. Schomaker31 years ago in Mesa at Longfellow Elementary School. I taught 6th grade in Mesa for 13 years. Besides teaching at Longfellow for a year I've taught at Crismon and Red Mountain Ranch Elementary and Brimhall Jr. High.  This is my 10th year teaching at Mesa High. I received my Bachelor's Degree from University of Northern Colorado and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University. I have an ESL endorsement, a reading endorsement, and a gifted endorsement on my teaching certificate. I currently teach World History. I also coach Boys Varsity golf and Girls Varsity tennis. I love to coach and get the opportunity to work with our student/athletes.

My outlook on teaching is student centered. I love my job. I love working with kids and helping them to be responsible, caring, respectful, and intelligent citizens in our world. Students need teachers to provide a safe, orderly, disciplined, and caring environment. This is what I try to do everyday. I try to show as much respect to my students as I can and in turn this allows me to build a positive rapport with my students as they are motivated to come to history everyday. I always invite my students into my class by standing at the door and greeting them. Half the battle with teaching is opening up the students' minds to the curriculum. If I can create a warm atmosphere in my class then this helps put the students in a positive mindset when they walk into my room.

    I enjoy using technology with my teaching.  We are constantly learning about current events and our curriculum through a variety of sources including the internet. My students also do a few Powerpoint/Google Slide projects throughout the year. My students are more engaged and master the standards at a higher level when I incorporate a variety of teaching strategies in my classroom.

     I also try and stress the importance of reading in my classroom. Throughout the year we read a variety of text including news online, excerpts from history books, biographies, and even some Chicken Soup stories. I also encourage the kids to pick up a book whenever they have any down time. The theme of this year for my World History class follows a growth mindset. The themes is "Grit and Grind". I want the the students to understand that to be successful in anything in life requires you to work hard, persevere, and never give up on your goals and dreams!!