Heather Couch

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Heather Couch throwing a ceramic potBiography

Welcome to the art department at Mesa High School! I teach ceramics, stained glass, and drawing, with a primary focus on running the ceramics department. Please contact me with any questions concerning our clay studio, kilns, or ceramics curriculum.

I am a native of Tennessee, and came to Arizona for graduate school after spending several years abroad, teaching and studying in Seoul, South Korea. I recently completed an MFA in ceramics at ASU, taught at Phoenix College, and was a resident artist at the Mesa Arts Center. I have been working in ceramics since 2005, and am an active member of the ceramics and arts scene here in the valley.  You can see my work online, at the ASU Art Museum, or at the Annual Ceramic Studio Tour each February. 

I am working now to build the ceramics program at Mesa High into a thriving place that provides opportunities for students to experience a variety of ceramic techniques and forms. We have both low and high fire glazes, electric kilns, gas downdraft kiln, glaze mixing room, slab roller, pug mill, 14 potter's wheels, and several canvas hand building tables. I encourage students to work hard and to love their work, to take pride in craftsmanship, and to try new things as they develop a voice of their own. 

Classes available in ceramics are:
Beginning Ceramics
Intermediate Ceramics
Advanced Ceramics
AP Ceramics [AP Three Dimensional Design]

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