Dr. Janet Robinson

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Hello!   I am very pleased to be a Jackrabbit!  My career has been varied but always based in chemistry. I've been teaching chemistry for 20 years and other physical science courses (9-12 grades) for 8 years.  

BS degree: Texas Lutheran University in Seguin. Medical Technology/Chemistry. Year Internship: University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

Clinical Chemist: I worked for 5 years in this medical career where I performed laboratory tests in a hospital setting in Salt Lake City, Austin, and Denver.  

MA degree: University of Texas, Austin. in Science Education

Teaching High School Chemistry and Physics. I earned an Iowa Science Teacher certification for 7-12 science.   I taught chemistry and senior-level physics for 7 years in Decorah, Iowa.

Curriculum Writing in Boston, Tufts University: Fellowship at Center for Innovation in Science Education.  I wrote a chronicle of human invention from natural resources in Mexico, Central and South America before the arrival of the conquistadors. Its title is Pre-Columbian Chemistry: Descriptive Chemistry and History of Technology. I hope it may interest students here even more than it did in Iowa. The idea began when a student asked me, "Weren't there any early chemical achievement over here in the "New World?"

Ph.D: I completed a PhD program in Science Education  at the University of Iowa.  I became a postdoctoral fellow in Chemical Education at the University of Kansas (KU), Lawrence. As a result I was offered a professor position at KU. I performed research in chemical education and wrote and administered  state and federal grants--in addition to teaching.

College Teaching in Chemistry: At KU: I taught General Chemistry for Science Majors as an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at the University of Kansas  and stayed for 6 years.     At ASU: I taught the second semester of General Chemistry for Science Majors as an Associate Professor in the Chemistry Dept, also in Chemical Education.  

Return to High School Teaching: After I left ASU I began searching for a rewarding career again and taught on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community High School for two years.  There I taught Chemistry, Physical


Science and Physics First.  In July 2014  I began here at Mesa High School.

Family: We live in Mesa. My husband, Randy, is an organic chemist and former professor at Luther College and lecturer at ASU. He is also a sculptor. He uses marble, alabaster, and metal gas cylinders.  We have two married sons: Thaddeus is a philosophy professor in Pennsylvania; Zachary is a civil engineer in Denver. We have three grandchildren, Beatrice, Conner, and Peter.  Living with us is our bossy rescued dog, Mariah. She is a mix of a black Labrador retriever and something else with blue eyes.

black labrador retriever