Mr. Jason Davis

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Mr. Davis grew up in a farming town in Illinois where he attended an elementary school that was K-8, and the high school was in a neighboring town. The two towns had a combined senior class of 47 students if he would have stayed there and graduated.

His parents grew tired of the long, cold winters and decided to move West. In 1987 his family moved to a town called Mesa, Arizona. When they arrived in Mesa in July of '87, it was 118 degrees in the shade, and he wondered what his parents did to him and his brother.

Mr. Davis attended Kino Jr. High for 1 quarter, then his family moved East where the freeway ended (Power Road). He continued at a little school called Fremont (go Falcons). When Mr.Davis enrolled at Fremont, there were 1500 students; the town(Big Rock) he came from in Illinois had 1100 people.

After Fremont, he attended the brand new high school: Red Mountain. While there, he participated in sports medicine, played football, ran track, and did Olympic weight lifting. He was part of the '92 graduating class.

From there, he attended a school north of Mesa in a town called Flagstaff.  At Northern Arizona University, he majored in Elementary/Special Education with a minor in Physical Education. In the spring of '97, he did his student teaching back in his home town of Mesa at Taylor Jr. High. His first job took him South to a town called Queen Creek where he taught a Jr. High Special Education class for the Moderate/Mild handicapped students and coached Girls' basketball and High School Baseball. He also helped out with the high school in Girls' Softball and Girls' Basketball.  

Mr. Davis knew he wanted to get back to the system that was so good to him, so in 1998 he started teaching in Mesa Public Schools. He took a job at Power Middle School, teaching math, and worked there for 9 years. While working there, he continued to coach at the junior high level in Football and Girls' Basketball both at Powell Jr. High for 2 years, then moved over to help coach the Stallions at Shepherd Jr. High.

Then in 2007 he had an opportunity to apply for a position at Coyote Country(Skyline High School) and took it. He work at Skyline until 2013. In Fall of 2013 he came back to the first school he student taught at and will be working there. Taylor Junior High . Starting in 2016-17 school year Mr. Davis will be working Jackrabbit country (Mesa High). He finally is back in the high school setting he loves and enjoys. He will be working with fellow Jackrabbits who are a fun, energetic group of people that enjoy what they do and the kids respond to that energy and excel across the board in all areas. Carry on!

Mr. Davis has coached several sports over the years, including: Baseball, Softball, Girls' Basketball, Track, Football, and even Cheer/Pom. He has coached from the preschool to the high school levels in several sports and loves where he is now.

Mr. Davis has two girls (ages 16 and 15) he is very proud of who also attend Mesa Public Schools.