Mrs. Marni Larson

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This is my fourth year at Mesa High, and I am loving it!!  Previously I taught out in Ahwatukee at Desert Vista. I am teaching Geometry, which is a foundations for higher math, and Algebra 2, which focuses a stronger understanding of functions.  I love the concept of functions and input and output. It actually helps me make choices in my life. These two subjects can be challenging and but working through the confusion to the understanding is quite euphoric. I like to watch the light in students' eyes turn on when their new understanding has been validated. It is fun to be smart!

I and my family have grown up in the Mesa Public Schools. I graduated from Westwood High School in 1987. I graduated from ASU with a Secondary Education Degree specializing in Mathematics. I plan to pursue a Masters in Education Leadership. 

I am the mother of 7 lovely daughters and I stay very busy with teaching and mothering (both, of which, I find very rewarding. . . living the dream!).

I am very excited to be part of the Mesa High Jackrabbit! This is a great place to be.

Here is my pizza dough recipe: Mrs. Larson's pizza dough