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Coach Mike Masciangelo

"Coach Mas"

Email: Click Here
Phone: PE: 480.472.5851 (between 7:30-3:30)

1st Semester                                                    2nd Semester

1st hour Boys P.E.                                           1st hour Boys P.E.                                                        

2nd hr  Boys PE                                               2nd hr Boys PE

3rd hour Boys PE                                             3rd hour Boys PE

A Lunch                                                             A Lunch

4th Hour Boys PE                                             4th Hour Boys PE                    

5th hour Prep                                                   5th hour PREP

6th hour Boys PE                                             6th hour Boys PE



I am entering my 19th year of teaching and my 8th year at Mesa High. The first 11 years I was in the classroom, as a math teacher. The last 7 years I have been in the PE department at Mesa High.