Mr. Preston Peterson



Preston Peterson


Phone: 480-472-5816


This is my 25th year in education.  I taught math and science at Taylor Jr. High for 13 years and then moved to Mesa High where I continued to teach math for another 9 years.  During this time, I coached wrestling for 20 years both at the Junior High and High School level as well as taught math at the college level in the evenings at MCC.  I am currently serving as an assistant principal at Mesa High over student activities, which includes student council and clubs.  I also oversee the junior class.


I am a native of Mesa and graduated from Westwood High, (class of '87).  I went on to earn an associate degree in electrical engineering technology.  I graduated from ASU in 1996 as a Math major and emphasis in Physics.  I earned my Masters in Education Leadership from NAU in 2001.

In my spare time, (I'll clarify this as non "school" time...I don't have much spare time), 


I love to spend time in the outdoors: camping, hiking, kayaking, playing sports and spending time with my awesome family, a beautiful wife and four fantastic kids.  I've always had an incredible curiosity of how things work.  I enjoy discovery and building with my hands.

Mesa High has been an exceptional place to work!