Mrs. Rebecca (Becky) Millecam

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I graduated in 1976 with BS in Elementary/Special Ed.  Teaching at Mesa High School for the past few years has been a great opportunity to create English/Reading classes for Applied Learning students in the Special Education Department.  Several years experience, both in learning multi-sensory approaches to reading and in implementing these, has helped me to create a program that has helped students. 

The completion of  Cross Categorical Special Ed/Elementary Ed at Brigham Young University has helped me to develop curriculum for each individual student at the level they are currently working at.  Evaluating the needs of each Special Ed student; helps us to follow the IEP created for each student and co-ordinating that with State Standards of learning that help them to advance in our program.

My husband and I have raised six children of our own, who are now College graduates, parents and continuiing students in the fields of Engineering, Programming and Technology, Law and Public Relations.  I understand the value of teaching students responsibility and the value of gaining skills.  We focus on Transition skills that will help them gain and retain jobs that will benefit them after High School.  My life experiences have prepared me well for teaching Special Needs students and teenagers.





Welcome to a new  school year at Mesa High!  My name is Becky Millecam and I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with your student.

Course Description:  English Essentials, Freshman through Senior Level  is a course that will continue to build on English Language skills that your student has already acquired.  A major focus of this course is to teach students that  need a deeper understanding of pronunciation, grammar, word decoding in reading, speaking will assist them in becoming independent in using their communication skills in real world situations.  Skills that may be addressed are: reading articles, editorials, instructions with multi step directions, filling out applications and personal information and a comprehensive reading program, EDGE from National Geographic.  Lessons will be designed to meet the individual skill level of each student.

Reading 1  Increasing the comprehension and recognition of daily words used in English is the goal of the Reading program for Special Needs students.  We use the Orton Gillingham Phonics program for increasing word recognition and understanding of sight words in English.  We help to increase the students ability to use common work words and community signs, advertisements, names of locations etc,  Reading comprehension and recognition of different types of books and materials to use to gain knowledge on a job or in daily living such as newspapers, flyers, pamphlets, etc.are also part of our reading focus.  The EDGE Reading Program from National Geographic is our basic course of study.

Speaking and Listening:  This is a course designed to help non-verbal students increase their ability to communicate, participate and interact with other students.  The completion of  projects, group assignments and learning activities are focused on increasing confidence and abilities to interact with others and complete tasks.

Workplace Skills:  Interviewing for a job, correct behavior on the job,  communication skills, personal hygiene and appearance and self-help skills are all taught in this class to help the student transition into adult life.

 Grading:  Students are graded on participation, homework, attitude, personal effort and co-operation to succeed on daily learning tasks. 

100-90%  A

80-89%  B

70-79% C

60-69% D

59-0%  F

Homework will be assigned on a nightly basis, Monday through Thursday night.  Students will be given 2 home chores to complete in an effort to teach students to take personal responsibility for home tasks.  Also, one chore can be counted if 15 minutes of reading with a parent is completed each night.

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Becky Millecam                       Phone:  480-472-5716