Gradpoint Policies, Procedures, and Grading Outline

  1. Phones and any other portable electronic devices MUST be in your bag or backpack and put on silent mode during class time. If your phone is out, it will be taken away from you.


2.            No food or drinks allowed other than water.


3.            The only acceptable website you may use during class is Gradpoint. (


4.            No sleeping during class


5.            Students get up to three chances to pass the post test with a 75% or higher. If after three        attempts you do not score a 75%, you must notify teacher for further action.


6.            No talking to other students. Everyone has the right to earn their credits.


7.            Be respectful of computer equipment, furniture, classroom, supplies, etc.


8.            Lessons can be done at home.


9.            Tests MUST be done in class!


10.         A passing score for the entire course is 70% or higher