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Hello! This will be my fourth year at Mesa High School and I'm super excited to continue to be a Jackrabbit! I graduated from NAU with a B.S. in Chemistry, and minors in Biology and Mathematics. After spending time working in healthcare in California I returned to Arizona and attended ASU to obtain my M.Ed. in Secondary Education with a focus on Science. This year I am thrilled to still be teaching all levels of chemistry: General, Honors, and AP! 


General Chemistry: Students will learn about matter, its components and properties. They will dissect the structure of an atom and become familiar with many of the elements of the Periodic Table. The in-class curriculum is strongly supported with a laboratory component that is intended to give students the opportunity to experience these concepts first-hand. 

Honors Chemistry: This course is the advanced option over general chemistry. More content is covered than in general chemistry, and we move at a quicker pace. Due to the increased pace and more in depth coverage, it is extremely beneficial if students enter the course with a solid understanding from their previous science and math classes.  

AP Chemistry: The content is determined by the College Board (the entity responsible for administering the AP test). Students are required to have completed a year of chemistry prior to enrollment. This is a very rigorous course that expands on material covered in their first year of chemistry (general or honors). At the conclusion of the course, students are eligible to take the AP test, which enables them to earn college credit for the course. The score required for credit, amount of credit, and the course for which credit will be awarded is determined by the individual university.