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Ms. Terri Graf

Email: tsgraf@mpsaz.org
Phone: 480-472-5962


Teaching Experience:

I have been a Mesa High Jackrabbit for over 35 years.  This year I continue to have the awesome opportunity to teach Honors Biology. I truly enjoy teaching science because it is a subject that is constantly changing and is always making progress towards the betterment of mankind and our planet. I believe that all students who enter my classroom will be able to find that science education is real life information that is applicable to all facets within their lives. Also, the classes will have the opportunity to engage in many different types of labs. Through inquiry the students will be able to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as working cooperatively as team. Science classes provide students with many other important academic skills such as reading informative text, applying writing skills through reports and lab write ups, and using math skills in real life situations. Science classes also teach collaboration and team work to solve real life problems.

Educational Philosophy:

Every student who enters my classroom will be provided a 21st century science education that will not only impact their current lives, but also to empower them for the future to become life long learners in the field of science.