Mr. Wiley Popovich


I was born in Anahiem, CA but moved to El Paso, Texas.  I lived in Texas till I was five when I moved to Phoenix. I moved to Mesa when I was eleven.  I went to Sandra O'Connor Elementary, Shepherd Jr. High, and Red Mountain.  I participated in Academic Decathlon, Close Up, and the Drama Club in school. I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the country and overseas.  I enjoy sharing first hand knowledge of the country with my students.  I am a founding member of Smith Jr. High and was hired to teach World Geography when the school opened in 2001.  Today, I continue to teach 7th grade.  I also teach 7th grade Honors social studies.  I coach the National Academic League at Smith Jr. high, which is a great opportunity for students who plan to go to to college.  Students at Smith also have a chance to go to Washington D.C. in the Spring through the Close Up program, in which I am the coordinator.  Popo's Hope, an 8 year team at the Relay For Life in Mesa, allows students to participate in raising money to help find the cure for cancer.  I truly enjoy working with the community of Mesa.  I have been a student or teacher in the district for over 20 years.   It is amazing how junior high students can truly make a difference in the world.  The dedication of my students to the community and themselves keeps me wanting to come back to Smith Jr. High every year.

Work Experience-

2001: Mesa, Az.- Skyline High School

2001-present Mesa, Az.- Smith Jr. High

My office hours and times when I am most likely to be available are 4:00 to 4:45 Monday and Tuesday.

Email: Click Here
Phone: 480-472-9967