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Portrait of a Mesa Public Schools Graduate
The Portrait of a Graduate leads to our Promise: Every student in Mesa Public Schools is known by name, served by strength and need, and graduates ready for college, career and community.

Essential Attitudes

Acts with character, is of service to others, and takes responsibility for one's words and actions.

Finds common ground, invites and seeks to understand the ideas of others, and sees strength in differences

Adaptable, learns from mistakes and is willing to risk trying again.

Essential Skills

Learns from and contributes to the learning of others while working toward a common goal.

Listens and shares ideas clearly and effectively, keeping the audience and purpose in mind.

Community Contributor
Brings people together and contributes to the community and world.

Creative Thinker & Innovator
Uses curiosity and imagination to inspire new ideas or build upon existing ones.

Critical Thinker & Problem Solver
Investigates, learns and sees more than one way to solve a problem.

Strategic Steps to Success

The strategic goals lead to the Portrait of a Graduate and delivers on the Promise.

Five Strategic Goals

Five strategic goals: Ignite a culture of learning and well-being; ensure equity; achieve college and career readiness, align resources; engage the community.
A smiling graduate

Portrait of a Graduate

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Portrait of a Graduate Look Fors

including "I can" statements for each skill

Essential Skills "I Can" Statements

Strategic Goals

including the competency-based action framework