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Curriculum Enrollment                                     

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Registration is on-going for the 2014-15 school year!

Mesa Public Schools offers kindergarten through sixth-grade Montessori programs, free of charge. Children living within MPS boundaries and beyond are welcome.

For information on Mesa's Montessori Programs view our
 Introductory video


 What makes Montessori different?

  • Students are placed in multi-grade classrooms, based on developmental periods.
  • Students usually spend three years in a classroom with the same teacher. This provides for long-term relationships between the teacher, student and family.
  • Each student has an individualized work plan based on his or her achievement levels and progress. These plans minimize competition between students and allow them to progress at their own pace.
  • Students move in sequence from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract.
  • Students make choices in directing their own work.
  • The classroom setting emphasizes a balance between freedom and responsibility. This reflects a Montessori cornerstone — respect for self, each other and the student’s environment.


Montessori Beliefs

  • Each child is unique and must be respected as such.
  • The child has a deep love and need for purposeful work.
  • The aim of education is to foster competent, responsible citizens who are lifelong learners and problem solvers.


Curriculum and Standards

Our teachers are certified by the Arizona Department of Education and accredited by Montessori Teacher Training Programs. MPS curriculum goals, Arizona Academic Standards, and the evolving Common Core Standards are achieved using the Montessori philosophy, materials and teaching methods. Mesa’s Montessori students have had consistently higher than average test scores for the past several years.

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Enrolling Your Child

To register a student in a Mesa school for the first time, you'll need a certified copy of the child's birth certificate, current immunization record and proof of residence, such as one of the following: rent receipt, utility invoice, voter registration, motor vehicle registration, housing contract, lease agreement, state income tax return, bank account, paycheck, employer letter on company letterhead.

Age Requirements for Public School Children:

Most children enrolling in kindergarten will reach the age of 5 by Aug. 31. However, parents of children who turn 5 between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31 may request screening for their child, if they believe it is in their child's best interest to start school before turning five. An early enrollment packet must be completed at the school site before an appointment can be made for screening. Once the child is screened, parents will be notified by mail of the results.

Contact Information:

Questions? Please call the individual schools listed above, or call 480-472-3575 to speak to the Montessori coordinator and we'll be happy to answer questions about our programs.

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