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OPTIONS B AND C:   Students are responsible for completing the proper paperwork for Options B and C service activities: an application and timecard for each service site and a summative reflection presentation on all of the year's service. The application and reflection instructions are available from the Service Learning Coach or this website, but the timecard is only avaialble from the Coach once the proposed activities have been approved. 

First, the student submits one application for each service site that outlines the planned activities.  Students may submit as many applications as necessary.

Second, the student maintains one timecard for each service site with dates and times of the service hours.  The cards are due April 1 (high schools).  Before the cards are turned in, the service hours on the card should be totaled and the adult supervisor should write a short evaluation of the student in the space provided and sign the card.  Option C timecards may be signed by the EVIT instructor or the site supervisor, as appropriate.

Third, the student presents a reflection project in April to a small audience that demonstrates what the student learned from the year's service experiences.  Students will be notified of their school's reflection date and should not miss this important event.  If students do not complete a reflection project, their hours will not be recorded on their transcript.


Working the DocksIMPORTANT NOTES:
• Option B and C activities MUST be approved by the Service Learning Coach BEFORE the student begins receiving credit for the service hours.
• Once the spring reflection process is completed, a new cycle has begun, and students may not record hours from the previous year.
• After students turn in their timecards in April, they may want to immediately apply for a new timecard if they are continuing their service activities for the rest of the school year, through the summer, or into the next year.
* Once a new cycle has begun, students may not record hours from the previous year.
*Upon completion of eighth grade, students may apply for the high school level Honor for Excellence in Service Learning, and they may earn hours during the summer between 8th and 9th grade toward the Honor. 



Service learning activities will not be approved which:

• Relate to a for-profit business
• Are done as part of religious education or a religious worship service
• Benefit the student’s relatives
• Are “babysitting for free”

Girls with Cups


Option B and C activities have to be pre-approved by the service learning coach before the hours may count toward the Honor .
Students can download the application and reflection instructions here. Timecards are only available from the service learning coach. Take your completed application to the coach to receive the timecard.

Options B and C Senior High Reflection Instructions