Option C: Service at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT)

Option C occurs when students are enrolled in an EVIT program in which service learning is linked to the curriculum.  The service may take place during class, or beyond the school day.  Service activities may count toward required internships and practicum hours as well as this Honor.  Hours may be earned for the service action itself, but not for extensive preparation before the event.  If the clients pay a minimal fee, but the student does not receive payment, the hours may apply toward the Honor.  Examples include:

  • Fire fighting students volunteer at community events.
  • Health Science students intern at care centers or hospitals.
  • Business or Graphics students design the logo and website for a non-profit.
  • Culinary Arts students cook for, set up, and serve at community events held at EVIT.

Option C activities have to be pre-approved by the Service Learning Coach at the student's home school.  The student submits the Option C application to the Coach who will then give the student the timecard.  

The student is to keep a daily record of their hours on the card that is signed by either the EVIT instructor or the site supervisor, as appropriate. The timecard is due to the home school on April 1st, and the student must complete a reflection project on the scheduled day for reflections at the school.  The reflection may also cover other service activities the student has done throughout the year.  

The application and reflection instructions may be downloaded here.

Application for EVIT students

Options B and C Senior High Reflection Instructions