Option B occurs when students are involved in service activities that are not part of an academic class.  The activities may be organized by a school club, a community organization, or one or more students with an original idea.  Examples are:

  • Students in a school club manage the school recycling program
  • A student tutors or translates for peers.
  • Students clean up yards or make cookies for the elders of their church community.
  • A student volunteers at a food bank with his/her family.
  • Students in NJHS or a service club conduct a school-wide drive.
  • Students help with the school’s yearbook, newspaper, or video journalism.
  • A student volunteers as a camp counselor during the summer.
  • A student serves as an assistant coach, timekeeper, or manager for youth sports.

 NOTE:Students registered as a “Teacher’s/Office Aide” may receive service hours by following Option B procedudres.


Students are responsible for completing the proper paperwork for Option B service activities: an application and timecard for each service site and a summative reflection presentation on all of the year’s service.  The application and reflection instructions are available from the Service Learning Coach or the website, but the timecard is only available from the Coach once the proposed activities have been approved. 

First, the student submits one application for each service site that outlines the planned activities.  Students may submit as many applications as necessary.

Second, the student maintains one timecard for each service site with dates and times of the service hours.  The cards are due May 1.  Before the cards are turned in, the service hours on the card should be totaled and the adult supervisor should write a short evaluation of the student in the space provided and sign the card.

Third, the student presents a reflection project in May to a small audience that demonstrates what the student learned from the year’s service experiences.  Students will be notified of their school’s reflection date and should not miss this important event. If students do not complete a reflection project, their hours will not be recorded on their transcript.

The Option B application and reflection project instructions may be downloaded below.  The timecard is only available from the Service Learning Coach.

Silver Service Reflection Project Instructions