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1. How many hours are required to obtain a graduation seal on the diploma?

150, Beginning with the class of 2020, 200 hours will be required.

2. Can I perform a service project and then fill out the application to get credit after the project?
No. Applications must be pre-approved before you complete the service.
3. Who is considered a reasonable adult supervisor?
This can be a teacher, activity coordinator, or other adults who can
verify the service work completed for the organization.
4. Do I need 150 service hours to graduate?
No. Service work is an option but not required. 
5. Can I create my own service project?
Yes, as long as you have it pre-approved by a service learning
coach or administrator. You will also need an adult to sign off
and verify the service hours.
6. Where can I go to ask questions or get help?
You can contact your school's coach by using the link. If your
school doesn't have a coach, contact the
service learning office.
7. Are there any other web sites about service learning?
Yes. For more information and organizations click on the
State or National links.