The route for "Running With the Bulls" 5K 

The route is available to view below. You may also print out a PDF of the route with map and turn-by-turn directions by clicking on the printable PDF link



Toros 5K (for printable PDF click here):

5K Route

  • Exit Toro Stadium and head north on Lindsay
  • Take a left on E Hope St
  • Take a Left on 26th heading south
  • Go west on Huber Street
  • Take a right heading northwest on 24th Street 
  • Left onto Huber from 24th street.
  • Take a right heading North on 23rd street
  • Take a right heading east on Hale street
  • Take a left on 24th street heading north 
  • Take a right heading east on McKellips 
  • Take a right onto the canal
  • Run on canal heading south east towards Lindsey
  • Take a right on Lindsay headed south (back towards Mountain View)
  • Take a right back into Mountain View's Toro Stadium.