Dist. Flyer


1. Curbside pick-up only (stay in your car).

2. Enter the north lot from Lindsey and Huber (near Toro stadium). A faculty member will approach you for the name of your student. Please have the student name written on paper and placed in the front windshield. Have your ID. Give your six-digit student ID number and have your ID ready if necessary. Your info will be checked off on our list of pre-orders. 

3.Once checked in, you will proceed to the distribution in front of the gym where we will hand you the yearbook through your passenger side window or place it in your trunk (whichever you prefer).

Again, please have the student name written on paper and placed/taped in the front windshield. Please bring identification/your six digit ID #.

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Yearbook Adviser: Landon Wrather - EMAIL