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List of former Toros playing beyond MVHS

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Name MVT Years College Years
Bob Davis 1983-1986 BYU 1986-1990
Kevin Nicoll 1985-1986 MCC, BYU 1988-1992
Brent Blakeman 1986-1989 MCC, ASU, New Mexico Highlands 1990-1995
Erik Tellef 1991-1993 SCC, West Texas A & M 1993-1996
Ryan Blakeman 1991-1993 University of San Diego 1993-1995
Todd Heap 1995-1997 ASU, Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals 1998-2012
Damien Niko 1996-1998 ASU 1999-2002
Chad Curtis 1997-1999 NAU 2004-2006
Greg Nielson 1997-1999 MCC, Western New Mexico 2003-2006
Devin Clark 2000-2002 University of New Mexico, Washington Redskins  
Max Hall 2001-2003 BYU  
Jeff Hinds 2003-2005 NAU  
Brandon Matthews 2006-2008 ASU  
Blake Decker 2006-2009 BYU, SCC, UNLV 2012-2015
Brad Heap 2007-2009 BYU 2010, 2013
Jacom Brimhall 2007-2009 ASU 2013-2016
Matt Gulbrandsen 2007-2009 BYU 2010
Michael Akins 2007-2010 Western New Mexico 2010-2011
Cody Stewart 2008-2010 BYU  
DJ Geroux 2008-2010 SCC  
Jerremy Boatright 2008-2010 Sul Ross State University 2011-2013
Justin Newman 2008-2010 West Point 2011-2014
Sam Kamp 2008-2010 Oregon  
Jake Thomas 2009-2011 NAU 2012-2016
Tyson McDaniel 2009-2011 Snow College 2013-2016
Patrick Glover 2009-2012 SCC, Arizona 2012-2015
Connor Wagner 2010-2013 Concordia University 2014-2017
Trent McDaniel 2012-2016 MCC, Southern Virginia 2019
Michael Niu 2013-2015 SCC 2016-2017
Curtis Hodges 2013-2016 ASU 2017-Present
Kevin Ryan 2013-2016 Idaho State 2017 Present
Travis Wagner 2013-2016 Central College 2017-Present
Tristan Askan 2013-2016 Avila University 2017-Present
Wheeler Harris 2013-2016 Alabama, Montana 2017-Present
Christian Niu 2014-2016 SCC 2017
Brad Smith      
Bret Crandall      
James Patterson      
Joe Germaine   SCC, Ohio State  
John Beck   BYU  
Kenny Golladay   University of Utah  
Ridge Nielsen   SCC, Central Washington  
Riley Nielsen   SCC  
Rodger Schenks   MCC, Panhandle State  
Todd Runyan      
Todd Shell   BYU, San Franciso 49ers  



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8 Time STATE Champions: 1978, 1983, 1986, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1999, and 2002

5 Time STATE Runner-Up: 1987, 1988, 1992, 2003, and 2006

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