Advanced Placement

Is there a charge to take an AP course?

No. They are free. However, the national exam will cost $93. Colleges do not charge for credits earned from AP classes.

Do I have to take the AP exam?

Yes. AP students must take the national exam in May. University credit can only be earned on the national exam. Check to see when your AP Exam is scheduled.

How do I earn college credit from an AP exam?

Students receive a score of 1 (no recommendation) up to 5 (highest recommendation). To find out AP credit and placement policies at many colleges and universities, go to

How do I sign up for an AP course?
Pay attention to the prerequisite for the AP course you are interested in taking. AP courses are year long, and you sign up for them during registration (Jan/Feb).

College Board AP website

Advanced Placement Classes:

What are AP classes?

These are rigorous, full-year college-level classes intended to prepare students for the highest level of college success. Each AP class ends with a national exam for university credit.

What courses are available at Mountain View for the 2018-19 school year?

  1. AP English Language (Juniors)
  2. AP English Literature (Seniors)
  3. AP US History
  4. AP US Government and Politics
  5. AP Comparative Government and Politics
  6. AP European History
  7. AP Psychology
  8. AP Biology
  9. AP Chemistry
  10. AP Physics I
  11. AP Physics II
  12. AP Environmental Science
  13. AP Statistics
  14. AP Calculus AB
  15. AP Calculus BC
  16. AP Music Theory
  17. AP Spanish Language and Culture 
  18. AP Spanish Literature and Culture
  19. AP Human Geography
  20. AP Studio Art
  21. AP German Language and Culture
  22. AP French Language and Culture
  23. AP Chinese Language and Culture