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Q: What is Mentoros?

A: Mentoros is a club on campus that supports peer-to-peer tutoring. The Mentoro advisors match students to a tutor who can help them in the subject area they need. Tutors will meet up with their assigned student once a week.

Q: How can I get a Mentoro?

A: You may ask in the Counseling Office for a form. Please fill out all parts of the application. You may also print out the application here. The application will be processed and your student will be contacted by their Mentoro within a week of them being assigned.

Q: When do we accept request for a Mentoro?

A: In the fall, we start accepting requests after Labor Day. In the spring, we start accepting requests 3 weeks after the Winter Break.

Q: When is the last day to request a Mentoro?

A: We stop accepting requests 2 weeks before the week of finals of each semester.

Q: We have a Tutoring Center. What is it?

A: The Tutoring Center is located in the library. It is open during lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Students are expected to check in with the librarian first before going over to the Mentoro table.

Q: My student wants to quit mentoros.

A: Please get in contact with their mentoro and tell them you would like to withdrawal and fill out the withdrawal form. You can also bring the withdrawal form to the Counseling Office. You can print out the withdrawal form here.

Q: I have an individual issue not explained here. Who do I talk to?

A: Please contact Janet Jones in the Counseling Office at


Tutoring Center

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Mentoro Application Form
Mentoro Withdraw Form